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How to Make Sure Your Vehicle’s A/C is Summer-Ready

The summer is finally here! Let’s hope that the Monterey weather will grace us with more sunny days than overcast ones this year. With the beautiful weather, comes that summer heat! And there’s nothing worse than being packed like sardines into a car that has a broken A/C when you’re trying to enjoy the summer months. Before you hit the road take some advice from your friendly local collision and repair shop; make sure your car’s air conditioner is ready for the trip! There are several ways to test the range of your A/C before bringing the summer fun begins.


  • Turn up the air conditioner as high as it can go. Test to see if there is a steady increase in cool, dry air flow from the lowest setting all the way up to full blast. If it jumps from 0 to 100 with no middle range, or if the air is damp, moldy, or smells off, this could indicate a need for a filter change or repairs. Even if you notice small differences, for instance, if it doesn’t get quite as cool as you remember, take note and monitor to see if the problem persists.
  • When you run the vents, make sure all the vents are blowing air, not just the vents closest to the driver seat.
  • Check your records to see when the last time you had the air filter changed. If it has been over 12,000 miles since the most recent change, you’re due for a new one. This is because dust, dirt, grime, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens can collect in the filter after a while.
  • Turn down your radio for a bit and listen to the air coming from the vents. Is there rattling, whistling, or other strange noises? It is a good idea to listen for anything under the hood as well. Noises can indicate blockages or loose/broken parts.
  • Finally, check for any leaks throughout the car, including inside the cabin, beneath the car, and under the hood. Loosing freon or allowing other moisture into your A/C vents can have serious consequences for your car.


Once you’ve gone through this list of ways to check if your A/C is ready for summer, then feel free to load that car down with suitcases, beach towels, and camping gear for some summer fun!


However, if you notice any issues with temperature, sound, smell, or leaks, then we recommend coming to Robert’s Collision and Repair to get your car checked out. Even if you’re undecided on whether a particular rattling sound is really something to worry about, give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through. It’s better to be safe than sorry, or in this case, sweaty! We’ll help make sure that your A/C is running consistently, on full blast, all summer long!



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