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What’s Wrong With the Wipers?

The rainy season is around the corner. This means we need to make sure our wipers are in tip-top shape. It is easy to forget about our windshield wipers, compared to our car’s brakes or transmission. For clear visibility, you must stay vigilant and take care to replace your windshield wipers as needed.


It is important to keep an eye on our windshield wipers. When you notice these signs, we recommend contacting Robert’s Collision & Repair to schedule a windshield wiper replacement:


  • Streaking left on the glass.

  • Your windshield wiper makes noises when in use.

  • When operating, your windshield wipers slightly bounce.


Sometimes windshield wiper replacement will not solve the problem, so it begs the question: What exactly is wrong with my windshield wipers? There can be a myriad of issues causing your wipers to act up. However, this is a common issue we see our customers struggling with. Their windshield wipers work perfectly fine on the intermittent and low speeds. When the wiper speed is turned up, things tend to get a bit trickier. The wipers sink to the bottom of the windshield and only rise up and down approximately 4 inches, and when you turn the windshield wipers off, they do not sink the appropriate spot. As you can imagine, it can be problematic and frustrating.


The team at Robert’s Collision and Repair has the answer to this problem. In this situation, the golden ticket is to service or replace the windshield wiper motor.  All of the electrical circuits controlling the windshield wipers are inside the wiper motor, and often, these electrical circuits are faulty. We can easily solve this problem if you bring your vehicle to us for service.


Let Robert’s Collision & Repair get your car ready for the winter season. We will inspect your car from bumper to bumper, including your windshield wipers, and wiper motor. Schedule an appointment at 831-373-1534. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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