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National Car Care Month: Time to Love Your Car!

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning. That’s why April is perfect for National Car Care Month and if you can create the habit of regular maintenance for your car, you’ll help extend its life as well as maximize performance. We should all have cars that look as good as this classic Mercedes-Benz!

Keeping your clean will also help to get the most out of your paint job and your interior. Extending the life of all parts of your vehicle is within your grasp! So much you can do on your own, but when you need help, Robert’s Collision & Repair is here to help with the more significant issues as well as being able to provide you with the very best in detailing service that you just cannot do on your own!

When you are ready to start a routine for your car, begin with your owner’s manual! Funny how it hides behind all of the things you’ve shoved in there when making room for someone to sit in the passenger's seat. Your manual has all the information you need to get started with the basics: type and weight of oil, perfect air pressure; etc.

When you are ready to do some work yourself, AAA has outlined many self-inspections you can do on to help keep your vehicle running safely and at optimal levels. Beginning with your own car care list is an excellent start to loving your car this month and helps put you in partnership with your professional auto mechanic too. When you work together, you can get so much more out of your car!

Here are some simple things you can easily do yourself:

Check all of your lights, from the inside out. This will keep you safe and provide peace of mind that you won’t get pulled over for a light being out.

Check the air pressure, treads, and sidewalls too. Watching for any change in your tires and treads is an excellent way to ensure safety on the road. Pick up an inexpensive pressure gauge and keep it in your glove box (in the front, so you don’t lose it!) As far as the treads go, use the penny trick and if you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires! The sidewalls you’ll check for wear and possible damage.

Making sure your fluids (coolant, antifreeze, power steering, and your wiper fluid) are filled to the correct level will save you large repair bills! Pull out your owner’s manual if you can’t find where to look or check online for some good DIY videos.

Regularly checking your oil is a simple preventative for a bigger problem. It will let you know if you are losing oil and you can tell if it’s getting dark and gritty.

Washing the exterior and cleaning out the interior of your vehicle is also important, not only to help extend the life of paint, fabric, and the harder surfaces in your car, but to give you some peace being able to sit in a beautifully clean car.

Car Care Month is a great time to reinvest in the health and beauty of your significant investment. There are plenty of resources available online that can help you determine what sort of routine, preventative maintenance you can be doing to prolong the health of your car. Check out Car Care Council, a nonprofit dedicated to educating motorists about regular maintenance and repair. When you want help with any of your car care needs, the pros at Robert’s Collision & Repair are here for you!



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