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Everyday Things That Damage Your Paint Job


When your car was new, its paint was pristine and glossy. Over time your vehicle becomes exposed to everyday wear and tear, and your paint begins to fade and full. Here is a list of 5 everyday things that can damage your car's paint, some of which may surprise you.


Bug Juice

The front of your car seems to collect bugs splattered across the front, especially in summer. Once these bugs are dead, they can seem harmless; however, if you don't immediately remove them, you can find your car has permanently etched bug imprints in your paint. As soon as you are able, you can take a soft cloth and grab some bug and tar remover and get to work to prevent your car from becoming a graveyard of bug imprints.


Bird Poo

Although we do love watching these majestic feathered friends of our soar across the sky, how many times have we heard a plop and a thud to find our car has been bird bombed? Bird droppings are grainy and often filled with seeds, and acidic berry remains that are sure to scratch and dull your paint job. We recommend that you use a microfiber cloth and a gentle soap to wipe up and off the bird turds. You will want to try to avoid rubbing to prevent scratching from the seeds in there.


Pop and Coffee

How many of us are guilty of setting our coffee on the roof of our cars, then getting in and driving away? Both coffee and soda pop are very acidic, which can damage your beautiful paint job leaving it discolored. We recommend that you wash the area with soapy water and a soft cloth right away to prevent paint damages.


Here Comes The Sun

Our skin's sunspots and wrinkles show what the sun's UV rays are capable of. Exposing your car to intense direct sunlight can cause fading and dulling of your paint job. If you are able, we recommend that you protect your vehicle from the sun's rays by parking it in a garage, shady area, or use a car cover whenever possible to prevent premature sun damages.


Sappy Trees

How many times have you parked your car under a tree and find that sticky residue in spots on your hood, trunk or roof? Tree sap is like kryptonite to your paint and can cause permanent damage. Tree sap can be hard to remove, we recommend using a rubbing compound with a soft clean cloth and then wash the area with soap and water until it is gone.


With your car out on the road, it is exposed to all sorts of hazards such as rocks, pollution, gasoline, and heaven forbid, eggs. Washing your car frequently and wax it at least once a year with a good quality carnauba paste is ideal. 


At CARSTAR Robert's Collision and Repair, we have knowledgeable professionals that have hands-on experience in preventing and repairing damaged paint. At Robert's Collision & Repair in Monterey, our team will always put you first. Our experts offer top-notch service and speedy turnaround times. We have state-of-the-art mechanical, technical skills, and equipment to care for your vehicle under the hood, as well as what it takes to make it look great for years to come. Whether you need a full service, auto bodywork, or auto service or repair, or a complete detail, make your appointment with Robert's Collision & Repair today. See you soon!


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