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Window Tinting - Pros and Cons

Window tint - Pros and Cons

Tinted windows are great for a number of reasons. They can block dangerous UV rays, they look good, and also offer some privacy, so you don't feel like you are driving in a fishbowl when on the road. Keep in mind; there is such a thing as too dark of tint.


Is It Legal?

In the south, we encounter many cars with really dark tinted windows. The advantage of dark tint is heat repellant and UV ray reduction. The intense heat of the south does tend to tax your air conditioner, so it is an advantage. As we move to the northern states, dark tint tends to signal that whoever is inside may have reason to hide. Many states have laws in place to limit the tinting of vehicle windows.


Vision Limitation

Yes, tinted windows can keep your eyes from sun damage, on darker days, that same tint can impede your vision. Missing an animal crossing the road, a car without headlights, or worse yet, a child running into the way could mean ultimate disaster. It is a good idea to really consider how dark of tint you want because you will be giving up some of your ability to see well in darker weather conditions.


Accidental Delay

If you are in an accident and you have dark tinted windows, the police and other rescuers may not be able to see into your vehicle. The amount of time a rescuer will need to take to verify they are at the correct scene could be the vital minutes necessary to save your life.


Dark Tint Is A Head Turner

Although dark tint does give you an extra level of privacy, it also draws attention to you and your car. In reality, most people on the road look at vehicles with darkly tinted windows more often and with a closer eye, which may be the opposite effect from what you are trying to achieve. Police may be more inclined to pull you over when they see dark tint; this may be just the type of attention you are trying to avoid.


Insurance Rate Hike

Did you know that insurance companies charge more or less depending on the color of your car? Well, dark tint on your windows is cause for a rate hike as well. Your insurance company likely looks at dark tint as a visual impairment, causing your rates to go up. You may want to consider this factor before taking your car in for tinting.


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