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Our Favorite Car Cleaning Hacks


At CARSTAR Robert’s Collision and Repair, we know you love your car as much as we do, so we put together a list of car cleaning hacks with handy items already in your home. We hope these hacks are helpful!


Toothbrush cleaning tools

Use an old toothbrush to scrub your dash, vents, and console. Toothbrushes are very handy when getting into tight spaces that need a scrub.


Toothpaste your headlights

It might sound funny, but headlight lenses get cloudy over time after being exposed to the sun. One way to clear your headlamps and brighten the road is to take some toothpaste and a towel and get scrubbing. It may take an application or two, but the results you will see are impressive!


Q-tip cleaning

When nooks and crannies are challenging to get into, grab a Q-tip, and get to rubbing. Q-tips are especially great for cleaning your vent corners and between the shifting lever.


Magic Eraser on vinyl and leather stains

Are you finding dirt and stains in your leather or vinyl seats? Grab a magic eraser and give them a try; you will be impressed with the results. They really are magic!


Shine with Vaseline

Rubbing Vaseline on your vinyl interior is a satisfying and affordable hack. It shines up your interior like nobody's business. You are sure to smile when you climb into your freshly detailed shiny car.


Squeegee that hair

Have critters that ride with you? Fido can leave your car with a lot of lingering hair in your upholstery. How do you get that out?? Well, we are here to tell you to grab a squeegee. Pulling a squeegee along your carpet and upholstery will pick up more hair than you think. Give it a try!


Got rust? Feed it some Coke

There is nothing more discouraging than finding rust on your car. If you want to remove it, grab a can of coke and give your vehicle a sip. Once the rust is gone, grab some nail polish and touch up your car!


Baby wipe inside your windows

Inside windows in your car get cloudy over time. An easy way to deal with them is to take baby wipes and give them a rub.


Shaving cream for defrosting?

If you struggle with windshield defrost, give this hack a try. Once the inside of your windows are clean, grab that can of shaving cream and smear it on the glass and wipe clean. You will be surprised at how quickly your glass will clear up in the morning.


Dryer wipes for bug removal

Battle with bugs on your bumper? Try this hack; take a couple of dryer wipes before washing your car and rub your bumper, grille, hood, and headlights down. It will make cleaning a breeze!


Steel wool outside windows

Tired of the grime on your exterior glass? This hack can help! Take some steel wool and give your windshield a good rub. Be careful not to scrub your paint job, though!


Shine your car with hair conditioner

If you want to give your car an extra shine, after washing your car, get a fresh bucket of water and add some hair conditioner. You will be happy with the results!


Freshen your car smell with aromatherapy

Wooden clothes pegs are very inexpensive, and you likely have some kicking around your junk drawer. Just put a few drops of essential oil onto your clothespin and clip it onto your vent. Voila! You now have a fresh scent in your car.


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