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How Your Car Can Help You Decompress

Photo byMaxwell Ridgeway on Unsplash

Depending on where you live and what you do for a living, you might find that you spend an awful lot of time in your car on your way to and from work, drives to school, and every other little errand you might have. Unfortunately, commuting for more than 20 minutes a day can cause chronic stress. That's why the CARSTAR Robert's Collision and Repair team wants to help you de-stress and decompress while you drive with this list of tips and tricks to try!

Healthy Habits While Driving:

Most of us hop in the car first thing in the morning, with some toast or a bagel and coffee to try and beat the morning traffic. Try getting up a little earlier so your morning routine is calm, and you have plenty of time to make a healthy breakfast. You might even want to pack some snacks for the road, or blend up a smoothie for the road! You can also help improve your mood with this simple trick: smile. Yes, smile! It might sound cheesy, but smiling to yourself can help boost your mood. The same thing goes for laughter; switch on your favorite funny podcast or radio talk show, and you'll notice how much better you feel. That's because laughter can help boost endorphins, increase heart rate, and even blood pressure. 

Calming Your Mind: 

It's no wonder that many people find driving soothing and calming, but can we use our commutes to get some mindfulness in? You bet! Try out a guided meditation app on your phone and follow along. Meditation decreases stress by reducing inflammation caused by cortisol hormones and helps to alter brain function to allow us to regulate emotions and self-control better. You can also try aromatherapy with essential oils to promote calmness. Rub a little lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus oil on your skin, and let their calming effects take hold. Aromatherapy targets your limbic system that can help with breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and emotion regulation as well. You might also enjoy listening to an audiobook, and get some light reading in while you're at it! Fully immersing yourself into a story while driving can help to lower stress, and help put your mind and emotions at ease. 

Treating Yourself: 

Why not treat yourself while you get where you're going? Try keeping on your pajamas while you commute or having a pair of comfy slippers or flip-flops to slip on while driving. Clothing can affect your mood, so it might be a fun way to relax and enjoy the ride. And for those who like to treat themselves with a little snack on the way home, get rid of those cravings with some dark chocolate! High concentrations of cacao, at least 70%, have been shown to decrease stress and inflammation. Plus, it's chocolate, which can give an instant mood boost just because it's tasty!

Decompressing can take place anywhere, so long as you have the tools, even when you drive. To get the most out of your vehicle, CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair in Monterey would love to be your go-to auto body shop whenever you want an excellent, honest facility to repair your vehicle. We are here for all of your auto body repairs, paint jobs, and auto detailing needs. We strive to be your one-stop auto shop and we work hard to provide you with an outstanding customer service experience! Our skilled technicians provide the best service in the region. Make your appointment today! We're located at 234 Ramona Ave, Monterey, CA. 93940. We look forward to your visit!


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