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5 Steps to Declutter Your Vehicle

There are many ways to clean and organize your car, but all of them start with some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are our 5 steps to de-cluttering your car!   Cleaning. Yes, it’s the top of the list. Vacuuming the seats and floors, wiping down the dash and console, vacuuming the floor mats, washing your vehicle, and protecting it with wax or a sealant. All these regular cleaning tasks may be chores, but it’s the best place to start when tidying and sorting out the goodies from the trash in your car. Next, consider what you really need to have in your car. Return your mugs and water bottles, and miscellaneous containers to their rightful place indoors for a good wash. It would also do some good to go through your glove box, center console, and other storage compartments in your car. Do you really need every single paper evidencing your car’s SMOG from 2003 until now? Keep the necessary paperwork, and store or shred the rest. Tackle the trunk. I ... read more


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Rekindling An Old Love: How To Make Your Vehicle Feel Fresh & New Again

A lot of us love our cars. For some of us, they are our babies. Our pride and joy.   But over time, our love for our cars may wane, especially if they don’t run like they should, don’t look as great as they used to, and they need a lot of repair. This is when new cars tend to lure us away from our old, beloved vehicles. For those of us who really, really want to keep that love alive with their vehicles, there is a way to rekindle that passion, and Robert’s Collision & Repair can help. Let’s say you really adore love your vehicle and want to make it look shiny and new again. Robert’s Collision & Repair has a few solutions for you, including:   Paint correction and dent repair Auto detailing Mechanical restoration   Paint correction and dent repair: If your vehicle looks like it has been scraped up, been in a few accidents, and has suffered at the hands of everyday wear and tear, paint correction and dent repair is a great s ... read more

Why Should I Remove Cosmetic Scratches and Small Dents?

Updated Blog From 1/15/24: Our Commitment to Your Pristine Ride: Embracing Cosmetic Repairs at CARSTAR Robert's Collision As the proud owner of CARSTAR Robert's Collision, I understand that if your vehicle has been on the road for over a year, it likely bears the marks of its journey—minor scratches, dents, and encounters with nature along doors, bumpers, and paint. These imperfections may seem minor, but as a fellow car enthusiast, I know that addressing them through our cosmetic repairs is not just about maintaining your vehicle but preserving its value and instilling a unique sense of pride in your ride. Do Dents Get Harder To Get Out Over Time? As a car enthusiast and the owner of CARSTAR Robert's Collision, one common question that often arises is whether dents become more challenging to repair as time goes on. It's a valid concern, and understanding the dynamics of dents over time is crucial in making informed decisions about cosmetic repairs. The short ... read more


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