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October = 10% Off Labor for Car Battery Replacement

10% Off Labor for Car Battery Replacement. Offer valid through October 31, 2016. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   October is Car Care Month and that is why Robert’s Collision & Repair is offering the following special:  10% Off Labor for Car Battery Replacement.   With all the electronics and systems pulling power from the car battery, it’s no wonder that batteries die more quickly. Today’s automobile electrical systems are getting more intricate and are stressing the limits of current technology, but they are generally designed from the same principles used 30-plus years ago. The battery is the vehicle’s power storage device used to start the engine and help operate the electrical accessories installed on your car. Average battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. Lifespan depends on usage, which now averages 6 months to 48 months, yet only 30% of all batteries actually reach t ... read more


Auto Maintenance


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Top Autumn Road Trips on the Central Coast

With fall upon us, it is time to start taking advantage of the beautiful foliage scattered around the central coast. How can you go about doing this? Autumn road trips are the answer. We are all about appreciating the beautiful community we call home. Robert’s Collision & Repair has put together a list of the top autumn road trips on the central coast:   Monterey’s Wine Trail: This road trip is nestled in the Salinas Hills on River Road. This route is full of beautiful scenery, quaint places to stop for lunch, and even a zoo, complete with lynxes and lions. Ukiah Redwoods: This exquisite forest is located in Mendocino County. During autumn, the foliage rivals what you would see on the east coast. Big Sur and the Pacific Coast Highway: It does not matter the season. Driving along PCH in Big Sur is always breathtaking. However, in the fall, the foliage is absolutely stunning. It is a mixture of reds, yellows, a ... read more



Five Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Gas prices are on the rise. It is important to get the most out of our gas mileage. There are several tips and tricks that will help drive more effectively, along with saving you money at the gas pump. If you believe your vehicle is running out of gas too quickly, we can help. Robert’s Collision & Repair is always available to answer any questions you may have. For now, we have five tips to improve your gas mileage:   Avoid driving aggressively: Speed and rapid acceleration or deceleration is considered aggressive driving. Not only is driving aggressively dangerous, it also is not good for your vehicle’s gas mileage. Driving sensibly is both safer and cost effective. Be cautious of the speed limit: Gas mileage usually decreases the faster you go, especially when you reach speeds over 50 mph. Observing the speed limit is an excellent way to improve gas mileage while staying safe. Avoid hauling heavy cargo, especially on your roof: If possible, try to avoid hau ... read more


Auto Maintenance

How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint

You can think of your vehicle’s paint as its skin. Just like how we have to protect our skin from harm, we have to do the same for our car’s paint. The first step in protecting your car’s paint is to recognize what you should avoid, as a car-owner. The team at Robert’s Collision & Repair has compiled a list of what you should be wary of:   Sun: Just like our skin, the sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to your vehicle’s paint. In the hot sun, your car’s paint actually expands, which means it can absorb more dirt and grime. Bird droppings: Not only do bird droppings look less than pleasant, they are also harmful to our car’s paint. In fact, they are very acidic, so they are able to easily erode paint and clear-coat finishes quite easily. Tree Sap: It is easy to see why sap is an enemy to our car’s paint. It is sticky, difficult to remove, and an absolute magnet for ... read more

Labor Day Special Offer

10% discount on labor up to $100 for any mechanical repair or service. Offer valid through September 9, 2016. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   In honor of Labor Day, we want to celebrate by offering our clients a 10% discount up to $100 for any mechanical repair or service. Call it a labor of love, but we want our customers to know how much they mean to us, and that is why we are discounting 10% off labor up to $100 for any mechanical repair or service.   What could you do for your vehicle that would qualify for this offer? Here are a few mechanical repairs or services that could extend the life of your vehicle and save you money at the same time:   Drive belt replacement Transmission oil service Power steering fluid service A/C system check & charge Coolant flush With all the back to school activities and preparations for a busy Autumn, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of our September offer, which ends Septemb ... read more


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Preparing Your Vehicle for Back-To-School Safety

The kids are all back in school by now. Is your vehicle prepared for back-to-school safety? According to the National Safety Council, there are several things you can do to help your kids stay safe as they travel to and from school.   Obey all traffic signs. This may seem pretty basic, but there are plenty of people who assume that traffic signs don’t apply to them. They disobey the traffic signs by not stopping at a stop sign, not yielding at a yield sign, ignoring Do Not Enter signs, and so on. Don’t be one of those people who risks the safety of others by ignoring signs.  Please, obey all traffic signs, for they were put there for the safety of everyone.   Don’t text and drive. Yes, you may be in a hurry and yes, you may feel like communicating via text while driving, but don’t do it. It’s too risky for you and everyone in your vicinity. Your focus should b ... read more


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Popular Summertime Songs For Your Next Road Trip

Popular Summertime Songs For Your Next Road Trip

Going on a road trip with your family is quite the adventure. It takes quite a bit of preparation but creates a bunch of wonderful memories to share with your family.  No road trip is complete without a customized playlist. To help you prepare for your road trip, we have compiled a list of our favorite summertime songs:   Boys of Summer by Don Henley In the Summer by Crystal Fighters Summertime by Janis Joplin Who Loves the Sun by the Velvet Underground Sun Hits the Sky by Supergrass What I got by Sublime Dreaming of You by the Coral She’s a Rainbow by Rolling Stones Pumped up Kicks by the Foster People Summertime by Girls California Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas The Chain by Fleetwood Mac Time to Pretend by MGMT Sunrise by Yeasayer Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks Surfin U.S.A. by the Beach Boys California Girls by the Beach Boys Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams School’s Out by Alice Cooper Same Dream China by Gold Panda Along with ... read more


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How to Prepare For Auto Week: Tips for Auto Show Participants and Spectators

How to Prepare For Auto Week: Tips for Auto Show Participants and Spectators

Auto Week is action-packed with a variety of activities for participants and spectators, alike. No matter the event or activity, we are all brought together over one singular passion: cars. Auto Week is an excellent way for us to share our enthusiasm for cars. With such a fun and exciting week ahead, we think it is important to be prepared. Robert’s Collision & Repair has compiled a helpful list of auto week preparation tips:   We recommend dressing for comfort, instead of for style. Don’t forget to take a look at the weather report, before deciding on your outfit. Check each event’s policies and procedures ahead of time. Look to see if the event has any restrictive policies, such as no pets or large bags. Thoroughly plan your day ahead of time. Before the event, decide where you should park, or if there is shuttle service. Bring a camera! This is a fun week, and of course, a photograph will make the moment last just a bit longer. Go as early as p ... read more


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How to Make Your Vehicle Auto Show Ready

Auto Week is almost here. It is time to start getting your car looking fabulous for the upcoming shows on the Monterey Peninsula. It doesn’t matter if you are entering a car show or just going to watch, but you should have your car look its best. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your vehicle is show ready:   Don’t forget to clean the engine compartment and undercarriage of your engine. After a wash, we recommend drying it with a chamois or a microfiber towel. Only apply tire dressing, after the tires are completely dry. Make sure to clean surface impurities. You can use a certain type of polish to clean your car and ultimately, restore its shine. Don’t forget to clean your car’s windows. Try not to use Windex, as this is not designed specifically for cars and may damage your car’s interior. You can use newspapers and hot water or cleaner developed specifically for vehicles. Carefully inspect your car for organization and neatnes ... read more

August Specials: 10% Off Labor for Tire Rotation Service

10% Off Labor for Tire Rotation Service. Offer valid through August 31, 2016. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   Did you know that tire rotation can extend the life of your tires up to 20 percent? That means if you have tires that are rated for 50,000 miles, you may be able to squeeze an extra 10,000 miles out of them if you rotate those tires at the factory’s recommended rate.   To extend the life of your tires, take advantage of our monthly special in August:  10% Off Labor for Tire Rotation Service.   Our tire rotation service is not only good for your tires, but it’s good for your vehicle, too. Yes, a tire rotation allows us to inspect the health of your tires, but it also alerts us to other issues that may be going on with your vehicle. For example, the wear on your front tires may indicate under inflated tires, or worn out struts. Seeing what is going on with your tire wear means that we could pinpoint potential ... read more

How Aftermarket Parts Can Save Big Money

How Aftermarket Parts Can Save Big Money

What exactly are aftermarket parts? Aftermarket parts are any part for your vehicle that is not sourced from the car’s manufacturer. Often, aftermarket parts cost less than factory parts. At Robert’s Collision and Repair, we use aftermarket parts for repairing the mechanical aspect of your vehicle. Inversely, we use factory parts for auto body repair.   How exactly can this combination of aftermarket and factory parts save you money? Here are a few ways how:   Overall, aftermarket parts are just typically less expensive. If you use a combination of both aftermarket and factory parts, compared to using all factory parts, you will save money. Often, the quality of aftermarket parts can be greater or equal to the quality of factory parts. When it comes to aftermarket parts, there is much more variety and availability. This means there are more options and a much wider range of prices. Next time, your vehicle needs auto repair,  we invite you to Robert ... read more

Detail Your Vehicle After The Salinas Rodeo

Detail Your Vehicle After The Salinas Rodeo

If you’re hitting the Salinas Rodeo this weekend, your vehicle is likely to be covered in dust, dirt, grass, and spilled beverages. If you like a clean car, consider getting your vehicle detailed at Robert’s Collision & Repair.   For best results, make an appointment for one of our detailing services.  

Need a Rental Car? Robert’s Collision & Repair Works Closely With Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Need a Rental Car? Robert’s Collision & Repair Works Closely With Enterprise Rent-A-Car

We understand just how stressful it can be to need to bring your car in for auto repair. That is why we go above and beyond to make your visit to our facility worry and hassle-free. We are proud to be able to work so closely with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We believe this partnership makes life just a little bit easier for our clients.   When you get into an accident, we understand just how stressful and awful this situation can be. That is why have partnered closely with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to provide our clients efficiently with rental cars. While we take care of your vehicle, you will be able to go about your day with of these rental cars,  as if nothing has happened. We also recommend for our clients to use Enterprise when you have guests in town. Our partnership with this company makes renting a car simple and easy.   Next time, your vehicle needs auto repair,  we invite you to Robert’s Collision & Repair, located at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey ... read more

July Specials: 10% Off Coolant Flush & $100 Off Auto Body Repairs Over $700

10% Off Coolant Flush.  Offer valid through July 31, 2016. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   If you’re planning to drive to warmer climates this summer, prepare your vehicle for the sizzling heat with our July special:  10% Off Coolant Flush.   Summertime temperatures in the Central Valley can literally bake cookies in a vehicle that’s parked out in the sun. Imagine what those soaring temperatures do to your engine if you don’t have fresh coolant flowing through your radiator.   When you leave coolant in your pipes too long, it becomes acidic, and it eats away at your engine’s innards. Like used engine oil, coolant breaks down and needs to be replaced for maximum lubrication and cooling performance. New coolant helps keep the engine operating at its most efficient temperature regardless of operating conditions and outside temperatures.   Don’t wait until your coolant fails you on a blis ... read more

How to Enjoy Independence Day on the Monterey Peninsula

If you have come to the Monterey Peninsula to celebrate Independence Day Weekend, welcome! To celebrate the 4th of July, here are some local tips on how to enjoy our nation’s independence while you’re visiting:   There are no firework shows scheduled, and fireworks are not allowed. Call us crazy, but the California drought has put people on the edge when it comes to errant sparks from fireworks setting buildings on fire. If you were planning for a fireworks show, sorry to disappoint you, but there will not be any in the foreseeable future in Monterey. If you must see a fireworks show, head over to Salinas, or to the Bay Area.   Spend the day on our beaches. Del Monte Beach is the most popular beach over July 4th weekend. You’ll see many families and groups of friends parked on the beach with tents, beach chairs, sand castle building tools, beach balls, etc. We want you to have fun, but we ask you to please use sunscreen, pack your trash, and leave the be ... read more

Quick Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Your car can sure get messy, can’t it? It seems as if after just one road trip with your family, your car is a whirlwind of trash, dirt, and anything else you can think of. The team at Robert’s Collision & Repair totally understands the struggle. That is why we have compiled a list of quick tips to keep your vehicle clean:   Try to avoid eating in your car: It seems easy enough, but it is quite tempting to have a snack on a long road trip. If possible, refrain eating. With eating, comes crumbs, trash, and we are sure you know the rest. Knock your shoes together before getting into the car: When you knock your shoes together, excess gunk and dirt will come right off. It an easy trick to keep your car just a little bit cleaner. Clean messes up as quickly as possible: Oops, your daughter spilled her juice box. You are preoccupied and forget to clean it up until you get home. You get home and are left with a yuc ... read more

How To Avoid Summertime Overheating

Summer is unfolding. Temperatures are rising across the country. Many people are traveling to the Monterey Peninsula to enjoy our cool breezes. Regardless if you live here during “June Gloom”, or travel to hotter places like Fresno, Sacramento, Phoenix, or Las Vegas, we must stay vigilant toward servicing our vehicles during the summer months.   If your vehicle is prone to overheating, Robert’s Collision & Repair wants to make sure a breakdown doesn’t happen to you and your family. Here are a few ways our auto technicians help your vehicle avoid summertime overheating:   Ensure your vehicle has enough coolant fluid: This fluid flows through the engine and keeps everything cool as a cucumber. Without the right amount of coolant fluid, your vehicle would be prone to overheating. Check the coolant fan: The coolant fan does exactly what its name entails. It keeps your engine cool. Our technicians check out your vehicle’s coolant fan and ma ... read more

How To Keep Cool In Your Car During Summertime

Summer is here, so it is time we start thinking about ways to stay cool and comfortable in our car. Fortunately, Robert’s Collision and Repair has you covered. We have compiled a helpful list of how to stay cool as a cucumber in the summer heat:   Park in the shade: Not only will you car thank you, but you will also feel much cooler. Use a sunshade: These windshield covers keep the harmful UV rays at bay. Cover up the leather: Ouch! Sitting on hot leather is painful, to say the least. To counteract this, cover up your car’s  leather with towels. Keep an eye on the seat belts: The metal on the seat belts can get very hot. It is important to keep an eye on this before put them on you or your family. Stay Dehydrated: Bring large bottles of water and ice to keep you and your family cool and hydrated during the summer heat. We love to bring wine, food, or any other perishable ... read more

Monterey County’s Top Road Trips

Why not start summer off with a fun road trip through Monterey County? Monterey County is home to beautiful, scenic drives, and June is the perfect time to take advantage of it. We have compiled a list of Monterey County’s top road trips:   Highway One: Known to be the best scenic route in Monterey County, Highway One is a road trip not to miss. In fact, it has been named one of the top scenic drives in the world. This road is literally in our background. Why not enjoy it? 17 Mile Drive: 17 Mile Drive has earned a reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in the world. From gazing upon magnificent mansions to beautiful beaches, 17 Mile Drive has a little something for everybody. Old Coast Road: Before Highway One, this road was the only way to get into Big Sur. This historic road is similar to a time-machine. It will transport you back to the olden days, complete with a single lane dirt road and beautiful s ... read more

Get Your Vehicle Ready for This Year’s Car Shows & Festivals

This year’s car show and festival season are just around the corner. Is your car in tip-top shape, both exteriorly and interiorly? Our team would be delighted to answer that question. When you bring your vehicle in Robert’s Collision and Repair, our team will:   Detail and wash your car to perfection. At our 26,000 square foot facility, we will thoroughly detail your vehicle. Your car’s paint will sparkle. Your wheels and tires will shine. Your car’s carpet will smell and look fresh. Our detailing service is the ultimate facial for your beloved vehicle. We boast the latest and most advanced technology in the industry to service and repair your vehicle. From digital photo imaging to computerized paint mixing, we have it all, and we are not afraid to use it. Your car will in pristine condition for the upcoming show and festival season. Does your vehicle need new tires? Look no further than Robert’s Collision & Repair. Our tire center is here t ... read more

Top Car Add-Ons Folks Can’t Live Without

Who doesn’t love to daydream about their perfect car? It is a great way to pass the time. The next time you find yourself daydreaming, think about one of these auto add-ons. Here are the top auto add-ons folk simply can’t live without:   Gentle Liftgates: When you have a bag of groceries in one hand and a child in another, it can be a challenge to raise a heavy liftgate. Gentle liftgates are convenient and designed to make your life a bit easier. Dual Audio and Video: Ever been driving and a fight broke out between younger passengers? Rear monitors allow you to keep a close eye on your child. Electric Pedal Extenders: If you are on the shorter side and struggle to reach the pedal, a pedal extender may be the perfect fit for you. Often, shorter drivers have to sit extremely close to the steering wheel, which isn’t safe for airbag deployment. Pedal extenders will easily solve this problem. Refrigerator/Freezer: Your child has an ice cream, but cannot finish ... read more

What Happens When You Detail Your Car?

As the days and miles go by, your car picks up tons of dirt and grime. Detailing wipes away all that filth, and leaves your car glistening. At a car detailing service, a professional will use special tools and technology to detail the car, both inside and out.   During a detailing service, there are several areas of your car that we can focus on, depending on the service you select:   Paint: One of those areas is your vehicle’s paint. Our team of professionals will clean, correct, and protect the paint of your vehicle. Also, we will polish your vehicle to carefully remove any scratches or swirl marks. We can also wax your car to ensure your paint is properly protected. Chassis and wheels: We believe it is important for our professionals to carefully clean and detail the undercarriage of your car, along with the wheel walls. Headlights and taillights: Our team will polish headlights and taillights that are no longer clear and showing signs of oxidation. Interi ... read more

Where to Off-Road on the Central Coast

California is covered in hilly terrain, which is absolutely perfect for off-road fun. If you are looking to off-road your way into summer, we have compiled a list of the best places on the California coast:   King’s Canyon: This canyon boasts tons of off-road trails. In fact, a couple of them are over twenty miles long. Most of these trails require only two-wheel drive. However, it is an excellent site to practice your four-wheel driving skills as well. Johnson Valley: If you are an avid off-roader, then, more than likely, you know about Johnson Valley. This beautiful place has something for everybody, from ATV to motorcycles. There is literally 190,000 acres for you and your family to explore. Big Sur: Big Sur is known for its breath-taking views. Most people don’t know about its fabulous back roads. The road is narrow with spellbinding twists and turns, along with boasting beautiful Sequoia to gaze upon. Big Sur is the absolute go-to place for off-roaders. Hu ... read more

Ten Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

Buying a car is a big and costly decision. It is important to make sure you have thought everything through. To help with this decision, we have compiled a helpful list of ten things you should consider before driving off the car lot, with a new and expensive responsibility:   Decide what you can afford: Make sure you have established a budget, and make sure you adhere to it. Also, it is important to make sure you can handle the additional costs of the vehicle, besides the initial purchase price. Decide between new and used: Due to the high demand, the prices of used cars are actually skyrocketing. Right now, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new car. Decide on exactly what you want: Narrow down your list of prospective cars. Before you show up to your local auto dealer, have a good idea of what you want. To do this, we recommend checking out their website and reviews from owners. Figure out your total c ... read more

Top Automobile Trends

Automobiles are constantly improving. Safety features are continually being upgraded. Acceleration is becoming quicker. There are few changes and trends on the horizon that will completely change the way you drive. Here are the five top automobile trends:   Personalization: Because of complex algorithms and software, cars are becoming much more personalized. Basically, cars will adapt and understand their driver’s preference and habits. This will make driving much safer and easier than ever before. ​ Algorithms for everything: From car insurance to car sales, everything will have an algorithm. For example, your specific driving abilities and the area you live in will be used to analyze the cost of your insurance premium. Basically, everything will become a lot more personalized to you and your vehicle. Ethernet in your car: Soon, you will be able to watch movies and television in your cars, thanks to the emergence of th ... read more

Top Must-Have Automotive Apps

There is an app for literally anything your heart desires. All it takes is a press of your button, and within minutes, your life is made marginally easier. This does not end with cars. In fact, we have compiled a list of the seven most helpful and innovative automotive apps out there:   GasBuddy: Tired of driving around town searching for inexpensive gas? This will show you the ten closest and cheapest gas stations. This app would be great for road trips. My Max Speed 2.0: Worried about your kid out on the road by herself? This app will ease your worries. Designed to monitor your car’s location and speed, this app is an excellent way to keep your children safe and out of harm's way. Drive Safe.Ly: Have you ever been driving, heard an alert, and then had resist reaching for your phone to check that important message? This app solves that problem beautifully. From Twitter updates to email, Drive Safe.Ly reads the message to you, and you will not have to press even a ... read more

How Frequently Should You Change Wiper Blades?

Ever wonder how often the wiper blades on your windshield should be changed? Although some wiper blade manufacturers recommend 6 months to one year, the truth is that it all depends on the conditions your car faces.   If you spend the majority of your time on the Monterey Peninsula, where it’s cooler throughout the year and there’s not a lot of rain, your windshield wiper blades could last up to two years. If, however, you use your wiper blades frequently, drive and park in areas with high temperatures, or park your vehicle outside of the protection of a garage, your wiper blades may need to be replaced sooner.   Also, do you have wiper blades attached to the front and to the rear of your vehicle? Many may consider replacing the front windshield wiper blades more frequently than the back since they are used more often. However, the back window wiper blades may get more direct sun and heat, depending on where you park your car on a daily basis. If you have fro ... read more

High Praise from Ingenue / Buick Dealers Group Funny Car

High Praise from Ingenue / Buick Dealers Group Funny Car

At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we have been assisting with the restoration of the Ingenue Funny Car. Here is what Ingenue / Buick Dealers Group Funny Car has been posting about us on their Facebook page.  :-)   March 9, 2016 Facebook update from Ingenue / Buick Dealers Group Funny Car “Picked up the body and dropped it off...every tech in the place (and it's a BIG place) stopped what they were doing to check out Ingenue,lol...pretty funny actually.” March 9, 2016 Facebook update from Ingenue / Buick Dealers Group Funny Car “Stopped by today and snapped these, Jeff was there yesterday and went over everything that needs to be addressed with Martin who is overseeing the project. Areas were marked and noted and progress was actually being made…” March 15, 2016 Facebook update from ... read more

Is It Time For New Brakes?

A lot of drivers may be blissfully -- and dangerously -- unaware that their vehicles need new brakes. If you already know a thing or two about brakes, that’s cool. But for the rest of us who don’t, here are 5 signs you need new brakes:   You recently got into a fender bender because your brakes were worn out. You almost got into an auto accident because your brakes were slow to respond. You hear an annoying screeching sound whenever you put on the brakes. The brake warning light on your dashboard notifies you of a problem with your brakes. You have driven your vehicle over 28,000 miles since the last time you took it in for service and repair.   Robert’s Collision & Repair takes great pride in offering quick and thorough brake repair & service. Here is a recent review from a happy customer about our brake repair service:   “The best service ever! I was there for a getaway and my brakes went out Roberts was the only one to come to ... read more

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

A lot of auto repair customers question the importance of wheel alignment. Is it really necessary?  Yes, it is. Here are three reasons why:   Proper wheel alignment helps keep your vehicle’s suspension system in top working order. Wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, vehicle handling and maneuverability. Wheel alignment is a big factor in a vehicle's steering response.     If you don’t believe us, we found a helpful, 4 minute video that clearly shows why wheel alignment is important.   The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment   At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we use factory-recommended wheel alignment systems to make certain the wheel alignment is on par with factory standards. Why have we invested in such high-tech equipment? With all the auto body repair and mechanical repair work we do here, we (and your insurance company) want each vehicle restored to factory-specified conditions. Thes ... read more

Five Signs Your Vehicle Needs A New Battery

With all the high-tech functions in today’s newer vehicles, the car battery often loses power faster than expected. Why? Your car battery is already supporting the vehicle’s sophisticated electrical system, but it wears down more quickly after you plug in your phone, your portable music players, your portable video players, etc.   If you’re not sure when your car battery is wearing out, here are five signs it’s time to install a new one:   Your engine is slow to start, or the cranking seems sluggish. Your check engine light is illuminated. You can see through the transparent casing that your battery’s fluid level is low. Your battery is covered in gunk or is bloated, which means there could be a fluid leak or it’s enduring excessive heat. Your car battery is three or more years old. Don’t be caught with a dead battery. Bring your vehicle into Robert’s Collision & Repair for battery replacement and service. We will be ... read more

Are Oil Changes Really That Important?

Some people question if regular oil changes are really necessary. Depending on the vehicle, owners can feel that oil changes are pricey and a little inconvenient. Well, in our humble opinion, skimping on your oil changes is “penny wise and pound foolish”.   For those unfamiliar with what goes on in the engine compartment when infrequent oil changes take place, here are a couple of eye-opening videos that will help you better understand the importance of regular oil changes. Though we did not create these videos, we are happy to share this useful information.     Video 1:  Why It Is Important To Change Your Oil We feel this mechanic’s video is right on the money. However, if you are using synthetic oil, you may only need to change it every 6,000 miles.     Video 2:  What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Oil Part 1 This video clearly shows all the work needed to remove the sludge made by the dirty oil ... read more

Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community

Robert’s Collision & Repair believes in giving back to our community here on the Monterey Peninsula. Over the years, we have sponsored Little League baseball teams and have been active participants in the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. In recent times, we have been helping to feed Sunday breakfast to the homeless at Del Monte Beach with the guidance of Al Siekert & Friends.     Sunday Breakfast on the Beach is a weekly event spearheaded by Alvin Siekert, of Al’s Catering, who donates his time to feeding healthy food to the homeless every Sunday morning. There are a number of sponsors who support this good cause, and thanks to encouragement from one of our very own staff members, Michelle Mitchell, we are one of the newer sponsors. The sponsors on the Monterey Peninsula that donate to Breakfast on the Beach include:   Tillie Gorts Pixels Graphic Design Grove Market John Troia and Troia Foods, Inc. Loulou's Griddle In the Middle Le ... read more

Classic Car Love Songs

Throughout February, we have been in a romantic mood about our vehicles. To finish this month’s theme, here are some of our five favorite classic car love songs.   Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car   The Clash - Brand New Cadillac   Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway   Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz   Don McLean - American Pie   At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we love to help you any way we can with your vehicle, and we hope you enjoyed our favorite songs. For high-quality auto body repair, mechanical repair, oil changes, auto paint, auto detailing, and tire service, come see us at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA. For your conve ... read more

Rekindling An Old Love: How To Make Your Vehicle Feel Fresh & New Again

A lot of us love our cars. For some of us, they are our babies. Our pride and joy.   But over time, our love for our cars may wane, especially if they don’t run like they should, don’t look as great as they used to, and they need a lot of repair. This is when new cars tend to lure us away from our old, beloved vehicles. For those of us who really, really want to keep that love alive with their vehicles, there is a way to rekindle that passion, and Robert’s Collision & Repair can help. Let’s say you really adore love your vehicle and want to make it look shiny and new again. Robert’s Collision & Repair has a few solutions for you, including:   Paint correction and dent repair Auto detailing Mechanical restoration   Paint correction and dent repair: If your vehicle looks like it has been scraped up, been in a few accidents, and has suffered at the hands of everyday wear and tear, paint correction and dent repair is a great s ... read more

A Valentine’s Gift Your Love Won’t Forget

A Valentine’s Gift Your Love Won’t Forget

Whether you are single, married, or if “it’s complicated”, we have a Valentine’s Day gift idea your love won’t forget.   Some claim that “they way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, and that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. While some may agree, we feel that giving a Valentine’s Day makeover to your lover’s automobile is a gift that will get a lot of mileage.   What do we mean by a Valentine’s Day makeover? We are suggesting a day at the car spa, also known as Robert’s Collision & Repair. Depending on what your love’s vehicle requires, here are some services we provide:   Minor or major service, to make sure your love’s vehicle is operating at peak performance. Auto body work and paint correction to remove dents, scratches, dings, and scrapes. Wheel alignment and tire rotation, or a new set of tires to keep them safe on the road. Brake repair, so ... read more

Our Romance With Cars: An American Love Story

There’s something appealing and sexy about cars. For generations, America has had a passion for automobile, and today, we want to examine our cultural love affair with cars.   Sleek Sex Appeal: Open any Car & Driver magazine, and you’ll see beautiful photographs of sleek, sexy, fast cars. The images of any featured automobile play with light bouncing off the curves, or a blurred background evoking speed. Sex sells, and auto manufacturers know how to make vehicles look slick and beautiful.   Power: There’s something hot about raw power. What car aficionado doesn’t love gripping the steering wheel, putting the car in gear, and revving the engine? I remember driving my husband’s Mazda Miata around the Santa Cruz Mountains one day, and I felt like I was driving a rocket. I loved driving that tiny car with the top down, hugging the curves of the winding road, and feeling like I was the coolest chick on wheels!   Assets: When we are k ... read more

5 Great Songs for Stormy Weather

We love rain, and goodness knows we certainly need it. Just for fun, we thought we would share our five favorite songs we listen to while it’s raining.   “Stormy Weather” by Lena Horne   “Here Comes The Rain Again” by Eurythmics   “I Love A Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbitt   “Umbrella” by Rihanna   “It’s Raining Again” by Supertramp   At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we love to help you any way we can with your vehicle, and we hope you enjoyed our favorite songs. For high-quality auto body repair, mechanical repair, oil changes, auto paint, auto detailing, and tire service, come see us at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA. For your convenience, schedule an appointment by calling 831-373-1534.   Robert’s Collision & Repair: The premier auto repair center on the Monterey Peninsula.  

What To Do In An Auto Accident

We are in the midst of the rainy season and that means a lot of people are out on hazardous roads. Unfortunately, accidents happen frequently during this season. If you are involved in a traffic accident, here are some suggestions on what to do:   Before an Accident -- Be sure to carry your driver’s license, current proof of insurance, pen, paper, and a mobile phone with a camera. These items will help make the post-accident process much easier. Also carry a set of cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares in your trunk to help alert traffic. Immediately after an Accident -- 1. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. Think about your safety and those around you. 2. If someone is injured, call 911 immediately. Additionally, call police if there is significant damage to your vehicles. 3. Get off the road as quickly as possible. If you had a minor fender bender, you don't have to leave the cars where they are. If you cannot move your vehicle, alert approaching drivers by ... read more

As Temperatures Drop, Beware Of The Effects On Your Vehicle

Winter is here and that means rain (Yay!) and cold temperatures. When the temperatures drop, here are a few things that car owners should be aware of for safety’s sake.   Tire pressure may drop on cold days and your tire pressure sensors may say you have a flat. Chances are high that the air inside your tire is compressed, so stop by any gas station and make sure you refill to the proper amount of air in your tires. Speaking of tires, how is your tread? If your tires are worn or balding, avoid dangerous hydroplaning and bring your vehicle in for a new set of tires. Make sure all your lights are working. In wintertime, most of us spend more time driving to and from work in the dark. Be sure your license plate light, tail lights, head lights, interior lights, and other safety lights are operating properly. Be sure your antifreeze levels are where they should be. Antifreeze prevents pipes from bursting due to expansion when water freezes. Having plenty of antifreeze is a s ... read more

Your Vehicle’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Editorial Note:  We can’t help but publish this love letter from your vehicle each year. It’s one of our annual traditions. Happy New Year from the entire Robert’s Auto Repair team!   I, my human's vehicle, do solemnly swear to make the following New Year's Resolutions for 2016.   I resolve to carry my humans and their precious cargo safely wherever they drive me. I resolve to stop as quickly as possible when faced with an emergency situation. I resolve to respond quickly when my gas pedal is pushed, my steering wheel is turned, my brakes are applied, and when my human is running late. I resolve to provide warmth when it's cold, air conditioning when it's hot, and shelter from the rain, wind, sleet, snow, and hail. I resolve to never hydroplane, slide, or lose control of myself on the road. I resolve to use gasoline efficiently, helping my human's money stretch as far as possible. I resolve to avoid all accidents, scratches ... read more

Safety and Driving Tips for New Year’s Eve

2015 has been an exciting year, and we are looking forward to ringing in 2016. The Robert’s Collision & Repair team wishes all of you a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. Here are some important things to remember so you will all arrive alive, safe and sound, back at home in the new year.   Have a plan before you go out. If you plan to drink, be sure you have a designated driver. Also, take plenty of cash with you in case something happens to your designated driver. Download the Uber app on your smartphone. In case your designated driver bails, you can contact Uber to send a driver over to pick you up. Lucky for you, you brought cash with you, just in case. Call a taxi in case the Uber waiting list is too long. Taxi drivers are numerous and are easy to spot. Good thing you have that cash...and some take credit cards if you’re cash poor.  Here are some of the taxi companies serving the Monterey Peninsula: Yellow Cab ... read more

Keeping Your Sanity During the Holiday Road Trip

Holiday travel can be stressful. We know. Especially when you have many places to visit and people to see in the short time span of one or two days. Here are some holiday tips that should help save your sanity.   Pack a scarf. It can keep you warm, serve as a pillow, or add some style to your outfit. Scarves are smart to travel with and they don’t take up too much space.   Stock your safety kit. You’ll be glad you have a safety kit in the event of a breakdown or closed roads. Stock your safety kit with the following items:   Ice scraper Tow rope Blankets Flashlights A bag of sand or rock salt First aid kit Change for toll roads Water Snacks Travel on “off” days. If you can plan to leave super early or super late, you’ll face less traffic. Can you take the time to travel late at night or on the actual holiday itself? You might endure less travel stress if you do.   Get your vehicle serviced and repaired. Wouldn’t yo ... read more

Preparing Your Vehicles for Winter

We’ve been saying it all year, but El Nino is here and we all need to be prepared. Is your car equally ready for the havoc El Nino and the winter storms will bring? Here are some ideas about how to prepare your vehicles for winter.   Get your vehicle serviced regularly. Every 15,000 miles, your vehicle requires either minor or major service (odd numbers tend to be for minor service, while even numbers tend to be for major service). If your vehicle requires service, we will follow the steps to make certain your automotive oil is free of debris, your filters are clean, your brakes and tires are in good shape, your systems are operating properly, and your engine is in good shape. Our goal is to meet all the manufacturer service recommendations so your vehicle performs to factory specifications; keeping you safe while you traverse the wet roads and windy conditions. Protect your paint job. If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint fro ... read more

How to Pack Your Car for the Holiday Road Trip

Are you a packing expert, or are you a packing mess? If you want to pack a bunch of stuff, plus passengers, plus the family pets, and still have some legroom, here are some tips for packing your car for the holiday road trip.     Keep in mind the size of your vehicle. If it’s small, you will be more limited in what you can take with you. Whatever vehicle size you have, see how many non-essentials you can remove from the vehicle, like in the trunk and back seats, before you load it up for the holiday road trip. Be selective about the number of suitcases you take and how much will go into them. If you can, travel lightly and purchase the toiletries and other disposables when you arrive at your destination. Place heavier items on the bottom so they do not crush the lighter items. This is important, for sharp turns and sudden stops can shift your cargo around, so plan carefully when loading. Keep valuables, like computers, phones, and wrapped gifts out of sight. If y ... read more

Christmas Tree Transport Tips

Now that we are officially in the Christmas holiday season, it’s time to start decorating! If you’re looking to buy the family Christmas tree, here are seven helpful tips on how to transport it from the lot to your living room.   1. Bring gloves to protect your hands from sharp pine needles and tree sap.   2. Wrap a net around your Christmas tree to protect it from the wind.   3. Place a protective barrier, like a blanket or a tarp, on the roof of your automobile or the bed of your truck to protect the paint.   4. Strap the tree to the roof with the trunk facing toward your engine. Or, place the tree in the truck bed with the trunk facing toward the cabin. This position will make the tree more streamlined throughout the drive.   5. Know how to tie a Christmas tree to the roof of your car. Here’s a helpful video.   6. Resist the urge to place the tree inside your car, v ... read more

Road Trip Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday

On the way to Grandma’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday, road trips can be long and stressful. To make your road trip go more smoothly, with less squabbling from the passengers and less shouting at the other drivers, here are some survival tips for your holiday drive.   Be prepared. -- Like a good Boy Scout or Girl Scout, be sure to have an emergency kit, extra drinks, snacks, blankets, a spare tire and tire changing tools, and plenty of audio entertainment. If you’re prepared for anything, you and your passengers will be able to relax more.   Breathe through the traffic jams. -- Traffic happens. Chances are high that you and everyone else are leaving town around the same time and driving back home the same time, too. If you’re stuck in traffic, remember to breathe deeply, enjoy the journey, and know that “slow and steady” will get you to your destination more safely than the “let’s-speed-and-get-into-an-accident” approac ... read more

What Does Your Car COLOR Say About You?

What’s your favorite color? Okay, now...what’s your favorite car color? Similar to what car you choose speaks volumes about your personality, the same can be said about your preferred car color. Borrowing from the Today Show, here is what your car color of choice says about you… or how you wish to be perceived.   Black = Serious, classic, elegant, professional White = Fastidious, pure, direct, pristine Red = Bold, confident, sensual, outgoing Orange = Artistic, one-of-a-kind, complex, individualistic Blue = Calm, credible, faithful, authoritative Silver = Elegant, forward-thinking, prestigious, futuristic Green = Well-balanced, no-fuss, organic, trustworthy Brown = Natural, down-to-earth, powerful, unique Yellow = Joyful, effervescent, sense of humor Gold = Glamorous, warm, intelligent   So, how accurate were these descriptions for you? Pretty close, huh? W ... read more

What Your Vehicle Says About You

Have you considered what your car, truck, SUV, or mini-van says about you and your personality? Most people “match” what they drive.   Young “Fast and Furious” fans like super-sporty cars that look as fast as they drive, while older James Bond fans like to drive cars that are sleek and expensive.   Soccer moms want a larger vehicle that can safely transport the team and will protect them in the event of an accident.   Many people who live on the Monterey Peninsula prefer small cars, such as the Mini Cooper, the Smart car, or the Fiat, to match their small homes and small parking spaces.   The list goes on, but here at Robert’s Collision & Repair, we are happy to repair and service them all.   If you want to have some fun, take this quiz to find out what car matches best with your personality.   At Robert’s ... read more

Seven Smartphone Apps that Help Car Owners

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to your car. Here are a few smartphone apps that are designed to help you out with your vehicle.   RepairPal is designed to help you find a trustworthy auto repair shop. Of course, Robert’s Collision & Repair is proud to be listed on RepairPal.   GasBuddy helps you locate the cheapest gas near you. Plus you get the chance to win $100 in free gas daily.   greenMeter is an app that measures your vehicle’s power and fuel usage to show you how efficiently you are driving, your fuel consumption, and your impact on the environment.   Dynolicious Fusion is an app for gear heads that allows you to measure your 0-60 mph results. It’s fun if you like to test your power when you punch the gas. &nb ... read more

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